Dell OptiPlex GX280 Video Driver for Windows 7


Dell OptiPlex GX280 Video Driver for Windows 7.Tested and 100% Working.

Installation Instructions:
Open Device Manager then select Standard VGA Adapter.Right Click on it then click “Update Driver Software”, now click on “Browse my computer for driver software”, then click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”, now click on “Have Disk” then click “Browse” and select the directory where you extracted “Intel(R)” and Click Next.

See my post Dell OptiPlex GX270 Video Driver for Windows 7 if you are searching for GX270 Video Driver for Windows 7.


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  1. Awais says:

    Dell OptiPlex GX280 sound Driver for Windows 7 required sir plz help me

  2. waqas says:

    To Awais.. “Dell OptiPlex GX280 sound Driver for Windows 7 required sir plz help me”

    works on windows 7…
    use this link…

  3. asad says:

    thanks a lots buddy…….
    i was getting really sick of the hinderence in hd video playback

  4. faiyaz says:

    Is that video driver supporting or not for windows seven?

  5. Stryker says:

    Thanks dude… VGA Tut worked for me..

  6. trl says:

    Audio driver is MONEY$$$ . . . THX a million . . . spent hours on other forums . . . this is the only one that has worked.


  7. Murtaza says:


  8. hachnadi says:

    yet installed i win7 but always reset to 800×600???

  9. kashif says:

    dell gxs280 video drivers required plz help

  10. mo says:

    thanks you are a star!

  11. Talat says:

    Hi my computer have installed sound driver from the internet but video driver is still not working :(

  12. Nouman says:

    just update the windows and your problem will be solved.
    hope so this information will be benefit for you.

  13. Pymm says:

    I Have a Problem For my PC….I have Installed Sound Driver From Internet But Video Controller Not Working ….Can You Help Me Pls :S

  14. Ghazi Khan says:

    Hello Every one i install that driver but in device manager a yellow caution bar is coming . any one help me my machine is 280

  15. mansoor says:

    yet installed i win7 but always reset to 800×600???

  16. Logan says:

    This is amazing. Upgraded to Windows 7 and had no idea what I was getting myself into. Had no idea Dell didn’t support Windows 7 drivers on this old computer. Doh!

    After 5 hours of tracking down a driver through the regular company websites and random forums, finally found this. It worked!


  17. RASHID says:

    Plz sir meri win7 mein suond card 5.1 ke driver kam nai kar rhe plz help me

  18. Farhan Aftab says:

    Hello,i need drivers for windows server 2008 64bit, will this work on that? please help me with this thank you,

  19. Thank you so much my church got a donate of about 10 of these computers and we were looking for the Win 7 drivers thank you for your post

  20. Rogier says:

    Thanks! works like a charm! I was browsing and browsing the interwebs till I found this link! 10q

  21. Nadir Ali says:

    dear bro pls help i have dell gx280 i instrall windows 7 problem of video driver pls help.

  22. najeeb says:

    salam any body pls tell me how i find driver of DEll optiplex desktop GX280 graphics driver for windows 7………..m suffering so many trouble during installation,if driver installs no transparency…..pls help me

  23. murat says:

    İt’s work.. you perfect.. thanks.

  24. fadil avdic says:

    giv me link for dell optiplex gx280 video controller driver for wndows 7 pleaseeee!!!

  25. Walkie says:

    hi. Would need sound, video and modem drivers for Dell GX280 with Win 7 ultimate as O.S. Thx

  26. usaid says:


  27. Amjad says:


  28. Faizan Habib says:

    I also need windows 7 video controller drivers for 64bit… The above are not working… Plz..My System is optilex gx280…

  29. Bob says:

    Make sure you do your windows 7 sp1 updates (on a new install)before installing this driver. Had to uninstall it, then do updates and then it installed OK. Thanks again

  30. Faizan Habib says:

    U mean I have to Turn Automatic updates on(which are off now)…
    or I have to install windows again..??
    Pleaze help me..

  31. frederick says:

    dell gx280 sound and video drivers pls help me

  32. Danial says:

    guyz plzzzz m facing the same problem… gx 280 sound driver….how to install?plzz help me m in trouble

  33. salman says:

    Thank you sir your driver worked for me :)

  34. mohsin says:

    dear can u help me, i want vdieo controller drivers for dell optiplex gx-280 of window 7 plzzz

  35. Ahsan says:

    brother where is vga drivers for windows 8

  36. Yagami666 says:

    Thanks you so much for your help and quick and great tut. worked great , and for those people that didnt work , uninstall old driver and follow execly this tut step by step and it will work………….. thanks again

  37. Noct says:

    Ahsan vga driver posted here should work fine with win 8 cause both windows share the same kernel base model.You should try it…

  38. bibin babu says:

    plz help,gx280 dell win7 video drive

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